Feenaughty Logging Equipment

About the Product

Feenaughty’s partnership with Technical Forest Solutions and EMS makes us the sole supplier of sales and service of Harvestline, Tractionline, and Hawkeye tethered logging products in the state of Oregon as well as Southwest and Western Washington. These tools offer economical, efficient, and safe solutions for logging that will help make your crew safer and bolster your bottom line. Increase your steep slope logging capabilities through a tethered system with these products in efficiency and safety.  See below to learn more.

Tractionline is the latest innovation from E.M.S. Tractionline is a twin line traction winch assist system proving to be a very positive solution with contractors and forest owners involved with steep slope logging. The Tractionline is designed and manufactured to meet the stringent AS1418-1 safety standard which demands a safety factor of 5:1 on all components. The system runs constant tension with large back up and emergency brakes all controlled via wireless communication between the two machines.

The Harvestline is an innovative specialty cable logging product from EMS. The Harvestline is a capable and versatile cable logging tool that allows quick line shifts and efficient log extraction in short to mid range cable extraction areas where it is challenging to use a large yarder or tower. Harvestline is a two drum interlocked yarder designed to be paired with the Hawkeye motorized grapple. The Harvestline system is designed to be adapted and installed onto a 35 Ton or larger excavator based carrier. The fold down mast and the ability to be able to utilize a grapple or bucket make the Harvestline and extremely versatile cable logging tool. Check out this video from EMS to see it in action.

The Hawkeye has 360 degree grapple rotation and opens and closes on the fly. It has an innovative touch screen and easy to use control system with an integrated digital camera system with infrared.  Other features include: