Feenaughty Machinery Rental Rates

Rental Rates on our construction and logging equipment for Doosan, Kobelco, and Takeuchi

  • No daily rentals
  • 40 hours per week, 160 hours per month

Compact Excavator Rates

All units complete with hydraulic dozer blade, articulated boom, quick coupler and hydraulic thumb upon request

Make Model Weight Week Month
Takeuchi TB216R 3,902 LBS $1,000 $3,000
Takeuchi TB230R 6,360 LBS $1,000 $3,000
Takeuchi TB235-2 7,418 LBS $1,350 $4,000
Takeuchi TB240(C)R 8,570 LBS $1,350 $4,000
Takeuchi TB250-2 10,957 LBS $1,450 $4,250
Takeuchi TB260(C)R 12,180 LBS $1,500 $4,500

Mid-Size Excavator Rates

All units complete with Enclosed ROPS Cabin, hydraulic coupler, and thumb upon request

KobelcoSK75SR17,100 LBS$1,700$5,000
TakeuchiTB290CR18,630 LBS$1,700$5,000
KobelcoSK85CS18,700 LBS$1,700$5,000
DoosanDX85R-518,960 LBS$1,700$5,000

Full-Size Excavator Rates

All units complete with Enclosed ROPS Cabins, hydraulic coupler, and thumb upon request 

KobelcoSK140SRLC-531,100 LBS$2,000$6,000
DoosanDX140LC-532,800 LBS$2,000$6,000
KobelcoED160-535,700 LBS$3,000$9,000
KobelcoSK170LC-1038,800 LBS$2,700$8,000
DoosanDX180LC-543,225 LBS$2,700$8,000
KobelcoSK210LC-1048,500 LBS$3,000$9,000
DoosanDX225LC-549,605 LBS$3,000$9,000
DoosanDX235LCR53,575 LBS$3,000$9,000
DoosanDX255LC-557,750 LBS$3,150$9,500
DoosanDX255LC-557,750 LBS$3,150$9,500
KobelcoSK270SRLC-560,000 LBS$2,850$8,500
KobelcoSK300LC-1068,100 LBS$3,350$10,000
DoosanDX300LC-568,780 LBS$3,350$10,000
DoosanDX350LC-580,700 LBS$4,000$12,000
KobelcoSK350-1081,800 LBS$4,000$12,000
DoosanDX420LC-594,800 LBS$4,750$14,000

Log Loader Rates

All units include 4′ Cab riser, full length catwalks, HD guarding, live heel and grapple

DoosanDX225LL-566,000 LBSN/A$12,000
DoosanDX300LL-582,000 LBSN/A$14,000
KobelcoSK300LL-1092,500 LBSN/A$14,000

Takeuchi Track Loader Rates

All units complete with quick connect and bucket. Other attachments available upon request

ModelWeightTip LoadWeekMonth
TL88,455 LBS6,020 LBS$1,200$3,500
TL1010,318 LBS6,687 LBS$1,350$4,000
TL1211,618 LBS8,102 LBS$1,500$4,500

Doosan Wheel Loader Rates

All units complete with Enclosed ROPS Cabins, Aux. Plumbing, JRB style quick coupler, and bucket. Forks available upon request

Model Bucket Size Weight Week Month
DL200-5 2.25 Yards 27,205 LBS $2,200 $6,500
DL250-5 3.25 Yards 31.085 LBS $2,500 $7,500
DL300-5 4.2 Yards 38,493 LBS $2,850 $8,500
DL350-5 4.8 Yards 43,358 LBS $3,200 $9,600