Feenaughty Machinery Rental Rates

Rental Rates on our construction and logging equipment for Doosan, Kobelco, and Takeuchi

  • No daily rentals
  • 40 hours per week, 160 hours per month

Compact Excavator Rates

All units complete with hydraulic dozer blade, articulated boom, quick coupler and hydraulic thumb upon request

TakeuchiTB216R3,902 LBS$850$2,500
TakeuchiTB230R6,360 LBS$1,000$3,000
TakeuchiTB235-27,418 LBS$1,100$3,250
TakeuchiTB240(C)R8,570 LBS$1,200$3,500
TakeuchiTB250-210,957 LBS$1,250$3,750
TakeuchiTB260(C)R12,180 LBS$1,350$4,000

Mid-Size Excavator Rates

All units complete with Enclosed ROPS Cabin, hydraulic coupler, and thumb upon request

KobelcoSK75SR17,100 LBS$1,500$4,500
TakeuchiTB290CR18,630 LBS$1,500$4,500
KobelcoSK85CS18,700 LBS$1,500$4,500
DoosanDX85R-518,960 LBS$1,500$4,500

Full-Size Excavator Rates

All units complete with Enclosed ROPS Cabins, hydraulic coupler, and thumb upon request 

KobelcoSK140SRLC-531,100 LBS$1,850$5,500
DoosanDX140LC-532,800 LBS$1,850$5,500
KobelcoED160-535,700 LBS$2,900$8,000
KobelcoSK170LC-1038,800 LBS$2,500$7,500
DoosanDX180LC-543,225 LBS$2,500$7,500
KobelcoSK210LC-1048,500 LBS$2,850$8,500
DoosanDX225LC-549,605 LBS$2,850$8,500
DoosanDX235LCR53,575 LBS$2,850$8,500
KobelcoSK260-1056,890 LBS$3,150$9,500
DoosanDX255LC-557,750 LBS$3,150$9,500
KobelcoSK270SRLC-560,000 LBS$2,850$8,500
KobelcoSK300LC-1068,100 LBS$3,350$10,000
DoosanDX300LC-568,780 LBS$3,350$10,000
DoosanDX350LC-580,700 LBS$4,000$12,000
KobelcoSK350-1081,800 LBS$4,000$12,000
DoosanDX420LC-594,800 LBS$4,750$14,000

Log Loader Rates

All units include 4′ Cab riser, full length catwalks, HD guarding, live heel and grapple

DoosanDX225LL-566,000 LBSN/A$11,000
DoosanDX300LL-582,000 LBSN/A$13,000
KobelcoSK300LL-1092,500 LBSN/A$14,000

Takeuchi Track Loader Rates

All units complete with quick connect and bucket. Other attachments available upon request

ModelWeightTip LoadWeekMonth
TL88,455 LBS6,020 LBS$1,200$3,500
TL1010,318 LBS6,687 LBS$1,350$4,000
TL1211,618 LBS8,102 LBS$1,500$4,500

Doosan Wheel Loader Rates

All units complete with Enclosed ROPS Cabins, Aux. Plumbing, JRB style quick coupler, and bucket. Forks available upon request

ModelBucket SizeWeightWeekMonth
DL200-52.25 Yards27,205 LBS$2,200$6,500
DL250-53.25 Yards31.085 LBS$2,500$7,500
DL300-54.2 Yards38,493 LBS$2,850$8,500
DL350-54.8 Yards43,358 LBS$3,150$9,500